Lead the social strategy for Brenda Lee, including the promotion of her Holiday Classic “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree” with the goal of reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.


With streaming weighing so heavily on Billboard, Christmas music has taken over chart positioning during November and December. In years past, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” has consistently reached number one, and it was our goal to position Brenda Lee’s classic “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” as a #1 contender with the help of an official music video, launch of her official social channels, and her direct participation in creating social content.

We soft-launched her social channels in November, building her network with classic performances and historical photos leading into the holiday season. Kicking off the “Rockin” campaign, Total Assault created a TikTok video with Brenda referencing Mariah Carey’s famous clip of her transition from Halloween to Christmas, which sparked a push from fans (now called Brendanators) to get the song to #1.

Utilizing the official music video, an interview series, and TikTok-friendly content shot on-site, we were able to actively publish content throughout the holiday season and interact with fans, building buzz for the sing and light-hearted competition for the #1 spot, which was achieved for three weeks over the holiday season.


  • Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Spent 3 Weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100, giving Brenda her second #1 record.
  • Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Hits 1 Billion Streams in December ‘23 Starting her social channels from scratch in October,
  • Total Assault grew Brenda’s social network to 245K across all platforms with TikTok growth leading her accounts at 185,277 followers.
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