How do you tell the story of Mike Rebel? You could start in the inner city of south-central Los Angeles, where gang violence was next door in every direction. In a place known as the "Jungles" "We went to sleep to gunshots or Screaming crack addicts almost every night. People died young, people we knew, it was always on your mind- people just got shot". The son of a militant Islamic father, who raised his sons as proud, Young Black men, teaching them that their mission in life was to save their people from the social conditions that a history of oppression had landed them in. "My father always taught us that we were to civilize our people, teach them a knowledge of who they really were, before we were reduced to this barbaric state you see in the hood. Of course, my friends were street dudes and I adopted a fondness for the lifestyle "my mom always said, "Just because we lived in the hood, that we weren't ghetto". "She was always trying to move us out somewhere safer that we really couldn't afford. She was the dreamer. That's where I get it from." Mikesí decisions resulted in a state penitentiary sentence, probation and drug rehab. Out of jail, he formed the production team now known as Realmtown. Mike Rebel successfully fuses elements of Rock, Blues, Trap and Hip Hop music, all the while delivering an uplifting and eye-opening message from his own personal life experience. "I feel like I'm different from the mainstream Rap these days. I'm more old school classic rap. I'm a Poet and a Storyteller. I don't mind if I'm not mainstream, I'll be the hard to find remedy for anyone that's aching for some classic shit"

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