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The Fresh Kids of Bel-Air are six NYC-based musicians who have come together to put on the dopest live '90s show in the city. Every Friday night at Le Poisson Rouge the Fresh Kids take the stage and perform the hits you loved when you were still rocking butterfly clips and feeding your Furby. But the band doesn’t stop at Fridays on Bleecker Street - they are taking the COUNTRY by storm, playing legendary venues like The Capitol Theatre and The Paramount Theatre, and will soon make their DC debut at The Howard Theatre! Seriously, they are all that and a bag of chips!


JESSIE’S GIRL is NYC’s ultimate 80s tribute, playing a sold out Back To The Eighties Show every Saturday night at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village. The band has performed with a handful of the 80s icons that made their music famous to begin with, including Bret Michaels, MC Hammer, Colin Hay from Men At Work, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Taylor Dane, Howard Jones, Tone Loc, and Rob Base. But the band doesn’t stop with Saturdays or NYC! Their weeks are filled with high-profile appearances and private events around the US, bringing the Back To The Eighties Show to ABC/NY Magazine’s launch party for The Goldbergs, a Halloween bash with Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx, and a private birthday party for a-lister Neil Patrick Harris. They’ve enjoyed thunderous responses in packed rooms at such prestigious regional venues as Westchester’s Capitol Theatre and Long Island’s Paramount Theatre, and regularly play events hosted by corporate giants like the NFL, Verizon, and Coca-Cola. On November 6th, 2015, they will headline NYC’s legendary Theater At Madison Square Garden! For more information & tickets to upcoming shows, visit

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