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Born Carlos Andre Garcia, but better known by his stage name, Lil’ Lito (Little Carlos), to Puerto Rican parents and raised in the heart of the Puerto Rican barrio, Humboldt Park in Chicago, Lil’ Lito’s earliest influences came via his musical home.

His father, Carlos E. Garcia is a professional latin percussionist/world music promoter, who first saw his mother, dancer, Evelyn Garcia in a niteclub latin dance competition while performing with Chicago’s premier latin orchestra, La Justicia.

They would be introduced later as co-workers at the Ludwig Drum Company and marry 10 years later.

Lito was exposed to a wide pallet of musical expressions from a very early age that included salsa, r&b, jazz, and Motown. Music was always in his parameter whether it was coming from a passing car, an open window, or a full fledged 14 piece orchestra rehearsing in his home.

Lito honed his vocal smarts on the streets, school stages and talent shows that attracted even remote talent in a neighborhood where young people quickly succumb to the influences of gangs, drugs, and senselessness. Although briefly influenced for a period by the pull of the streets, Lito remained relentless in his persuit of some kind of musical recognition. He quickly gained notoriety on the local Chicago hip-hop music scene as a triple threat who could write, rap, and sing his ass off, consistently reaping first place awards in local city and community talent competitions.

His street creds as a take no prisoners rapper grew as quickly as his stage recognition did in the school halls as a soulful vocalist who commanded a connection with his crowd and won over students and teachers alike. Graduating class acapella renditions made way for adventurous tales of blunt smoking and ass shaking.

Lil’ Lito began to come into prominence as a formidable rapper after all but failing in some critical areas of his life. Dissention in the home led to negative influences that would push him to steer his creative musical edge away from his growing hip-hop/r&b influences and fan base into the gangsta-rap genre.

Breeding some relative success, alot of buzz and much respect from his peers around the west side of the city, he self-produced several well received club mix anthems along the way and secured a loyal following that was now literally growing up with him and singing his songs. His artistic stock continued to rise quickly.

Appealing and selling his music to a fan base that is sometimes addicted to the violence inherent in much of todays popular rap was no problem . It allowed him to show versatility with advanced improvisations and vocal deliveries infused with soulful sensibility showing that even freestyle improvisations do not have to be overly intellectualized, but can be adventurous and accessible at the same time.

He remained well immersed and buoyed gathering much intimate knowledge, experience and frustration in the process. Along the path of coming to terms with his musical creativity he reached a profound revelation. Music is a weapon. Able to enlighten, elevate, inspire, effect, influence and ultimately destroy the human spirit.

Much more than this, he learned that there is an element that is basic to the process of evolving to a higher expression of creative music. A simple change in direction. Perhaps, a genesis.

Lil’ Lito now emerges with a new maturity, and focus on his growth as a performer and in his artistic originality, confidently producing commercial material that can easily rival many of today’s reigning hip-hop and R&B royalty.

Re-embracing his love for R&B, Lito’s live performances allow him to transcend cultural barriers and command a genuine musical and emotional communication with his audience regardless of race or gender.

Blessed with lindo boy, good looks and an embracing swagger, his soul drenched voice pushes harmony and rhythm to new heights giving way to an artist full of boundless inspiration that fuels his life’s passion.

Learning many skills in the production and business aspects of music, Lil’ Lito shares his own development experiences with a stable of attractive local talent as CEO of his independent label, TAT Recordz in Chicago. Recent showcases have garnered sensational draws and his sold-out appearances have reached out to the suburbs and well beyond the state lines.

There are many so called artists who succumb to musical and/or creative compromise for the sake of reaching commercial success in today’s industry. Lil’ Lito does not belong or associate himself with this group.

Lil’ Lito now boasts all the requirements of a perfect hip-hop pedigree, not seeing success in monetary value but more in terms of reaching a world wide audience with relentless urgency.

In the meantime, under the watchful eye of Zuma Records, he is content to rip the training wheels off of hip-hop, slash the remaining tires and ride the rims down the road to reasonable financial security.

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