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Equipped with an uncompromisied vision and an equally impassioned determination, Gia has spent time in Los Angeles, New York and Helsinki honing her songwriting craft because, ultimately, the songs matter to her most. "I'm a songwriter first before anything else," Gia insists. "And it's very important to me that everything sounds and feels genuine." Which is why the chilling confidence of her debut electro-pop single "War Paint" envelopes the ears with an urgency. It's the kind of expression that can only come about as a result of true cathartic release. "I find things inside of me that I never knew I felt until I'm actually writing the songs," she says. And what are those feelings? "Choosing independence over restrictions in certain relationships, finding a clear sense of self-worth and just an overall empowerment." It's the amalgamation of those aspirational ideals coupled with a beyond her years-melodic sensibility that will inevitably inspire hit-after-hit for years to come.

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