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Mohammad Molaei - born September 18, 1988 in Tehran, Iran - grew up surrounded by musicians and singers and was undeniably inspired by his motherís talent as a gifted and prominent Iranian vocalist. It was her passion and her sensitivity in her vocals through which he learned the subtleties and nuance that could be expressed through song.

By the age 7, he displayed great acumen as a musician by mastering the ancient Persian Percussion instrument, the Tombac. However even more fascinating than his prodigious instrumentation, was the way in which he began to sing at such a range of octaves that he had almost absorbed the subtleties and power of the Tombac used for centuries as a storytelling device. Indeed, it was rare to hear a male voice that had such distinct high and low octaves usually reserved for those rare voices. Upon seeing him perform he was invited to learn the ancient musical techniques from a group of dedicated musicians who mentored him for several years.

By age 12, he added violin to his repertoire and with an unquenchable thirst and natural talent it wasnít long before he embraced the piano and the guitar. His sense of ownership of the instruments he played and his unusual vocal abilities led to composing music tailored to his own sensibilities as a musician and artist.

Performing has taken on new hues recently and he through acting he was recently featured in the lead role in a short film directed by Yancey Arias, appropriately entitled, Success Driven. The film which was written by Scott J. Foster also features actors, Steven Bauer and Serena Scott Thomas. The charming story while fictional is based on a character not unlike Mohammad and explores a young manís journey from Iran to Hollywood on his quest to find success and fame as an actor in Hollywood. With a Fall 2012 release, the producers are confident to platform the film through Sundance, Cannes and other prestigious competitions and festivals world-wide.

To coincide with the film, Mr. Molaei will release his first single produced by Elan Morrisson, in which he wrote the music and provides the vocals with lyrics by Scott J. Foster. The single is featured in the film as the soundtrack.

Couturier Lloyd Klein most recently encouraged Mr. Molaei to model for his new Menswear Campaign also set to launch in Fall of 2012 and has been photographed by the very talented lensman Robert Voltaire for that campaign.

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