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IN MUSIC, as in politics, it’s all about people; if you don’t have the ear of the public, if your ‘manifesto’ doesn’t strike a chord, then no amount of campaigning is likely to save the day. Ultimately, Die Völker will decide – which is both entirely as it should be… and good news for bands whose rapport with the audience is both easy and instinctive.
Bands like Rammstein…
Since 1995, when debut album ‘Herzeleid’ saw the six Berliners sparking the rails for the first time, there has been a bond between those onstage and those cheering them on that has never been breached, and in fact has grown stronger. As with all successful relationships, it’s been founded on a heady combination of mutual respect, satisfied expectation and the ability to provide that special gift at the right time.
Which is where ‘Völkerball’ comes in!
SET FOR release on September 18th, ‘Völkerball’ – which literally translates as ‘People’s Ball’, although it’s also a team sports game played in schools – is an audio/ visual, multi-format, 5.1 package boasting the sort of no-half-measures approach to art that followers of the Rammstein cause have come to expect. Of particular interest will be the Limited Edition – a truly magnificent, fully-loaded format featuring a vast array of images from the ‘Reise, Reise’World Tour of 2004/2005, all housed in a 190-page Tour Photo Book, along with exclusive onstage and documentary footage, plus over two hours worth of live audio. Indeed, it is the ‘Reise, Reise’ tour (a six-month run of sold-out arena & festival dates), along with the multi-platinum album of the same name, that the ‘Völkerball’ package primarily seeks to celebrate.
Between November 2004 and July 2005, Rammstein played to one million people across 21 different countries, taking with them a ‘castle laboratory’ set boasting as many incendiary devices as 13 trucks and three buses can reasonably handle, the whole thing weighing in at a cool 140 tons and requiring a “small town” (63 crew members, plus local hands & drivers) to make it come to life, including five on the pyro side alone.
With so many turning out to witness this flambé-fest on wheels (near on 40,000 in Moscow and St. Petersburg alone), it would be quite impossible to define the Rammstein audience as just one kind of person with one kind of view; however, what is made clear by the aforementioned photos – the work of Frederic Batier, a man afforded full fly-on-the-wall access throughout the tour – is that, from London to Leipzig, Barcelona to Berlin, there is a particular style an’ stance, an attitude if you will, that draws the ‘extended Rammstein family’ together. Fittingly, the ‘Völkerball’ content has been chosen with fan satisfaction to the for.
On the live front, there’s an entire concert from Nimes in Southern France, filmed in a Roman amphitheatre in front of 12,500 fans who, frankly, couldn’t have been more pumped-up had they been saluting a favoured gladiator; add to this selected footage from London, Tokyo and Moscow (the latter featuring female back-up singers who were supposed to be wearing traditional dress!), plus two carefully-constructed documentaries showing the musicians at their most candid & relaxed, and you have an overall package that gives a neverbefore- seen insight into both Rammstein the band and Rammstein the people…
* Standard Edition: 2 disc set, available in DVD & CD digi-packs (1 DVD, 140 minutes live video; 1 CD, 75 minutes live audio).
* Special Edition: 3 disc set, available in DVD & CD digi-packs (1 DVD, 140 minutes live video; 1 DVD, 90 minutes of documentary footage, including ‘Anakonda Im Netz’/ ‘Anaconda In The Net’ plus ‘Reise, Reise: The Making Of The Album’; 1 CD, 75 minutes live audio)
* Limited Edition: 190-Page Tour Photo Book, including all of the 3 disc content plus the complete audio to the live show (140 minutes). A prestige 4 disc set – ‘Bildband (in Luxusausstattung’).
IN TERMS of adding flesh to bones, the two documentaries go further than ever before in revealing what it is that keeps the Rammstein flame burning as brightly as it does. ‘Anakonda Im Netz’ is the more ‘official’ of the pair, featuring interviews with all of the band members as well as manager Emanuel Fialik; in the course of 53 minutes, it examines a whole range of topics, from the pure logistics of keeping Rammstein on the road through to the group’s regular pre-show ritual (clue: it involves alcohol) plus the ups & downs of life as a touring musician – which in this particular case can involve either being burnt or having your shoes ripped off. In keyboard player Flake’s case, both!
Equally as revealing is ‘Reise, Reise: The Making Of The Album’. A 26-minute documentary filmed and edited by band guitarist Paul Landers, it provides an informal view of his fellow musicians (plus regular producer Jacob Hellner) as they move through studios in Spain, Sweden and Germany, mulling over matters as they go; there’s vocalist Till Lindemann explaining how, after almost 100 takes of a track, he can feel like choking Hellner on the spot (he may not be entirely serious here), whilst the producer reveals how album title ‘Reise, Reise’ was almost replaced by ‘Sonntag Bei Omi’ (‘Sunday With Granny’), and so it goes on… an informal peek behind-the-scenes proving beyond all doubt that, even when it comes to cooking sausages, Rammstein just can’t resist the urge to give the smoke alarms a thoroughly good testing!
Add to this the unrestrained drama of Messrs Lindemann, Landers, Kruspe, Schneider, Riedel & Lorenz working their way through 30kg of pyro (per show!) at Club Citta in Japan or the Olympiski Sport Complex in Russia, and you have the sort of package that Rammstein fans have doubtless played through in their dreams. Ambitiously conceived, flawlessly executed and loaded with more quality extras than a top-of-theline (German) limousine, it shows the six musicians – in the studio, on the stage (and in the kitchen!!) – as they push previous achievements to a whole new level of global success.
Sunday with granny was never like this!
Dante Bonutto

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