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The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends


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The Pursuit (Real Hi)
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Making of the album part 1 (QT)
Making of the album part 1 (real)
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Making of the album part 3 (Win)
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Making Of The Album part 4 (Real)
Making Of The Album part 4 (Win)

Matisyn – The Voice
Parker Lauzon – Guitar
Vlad Tanaskovic – Guitar
Joe Pitter – Bass
Davis H - Drums

With the July 24th release of THE PURSUIT BEGINS WHEN THIS portrayal OF LIFE ENDS on The Pocket/Hollywood Records, Evans Blue expands upon the unique vision established on their 2006 debut, The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume, which spawned the smash single “Cold (But I'm Still Here)” and sold almost 200,000 copies worldwide. Led by enigmatic frontman/lyricist Matisyn, Evans Blue’s latest collection is a conceptual piece that harkens back to an era when albums were the ultimate cohesive statement from an artist.

“There is definitely an evolution in the music this time around,” explains the frontman about the difference between THE PURSUIT and its predecessor. “We had a little more time to develop the songs. It was different in that we knew more of what we wanted to sound like – a little more aggressive when needed and a little prettier when needed. Lyrically it is darker and is about how sometimes you have to fall to your lowest point before you can see what you're climbing towards.”

THE PURSUIT is an illustration of the blurred line between reality and the “portrayal” of life that mirrors it. “The real pursuit of happiness and meaning can only begin when you let the fake parts of your life die,” explains Matisyn. The singer elaborates on the fine line between reality and illusion in the title track and first single, “The Pursuit,” when he sings: “Make the voices tell me who you are and who I am to be.”

This universal theme winds throughout each of the album’s songs to create three intertwining storylines that will come to fruition in the band’s videos. As on their previous album, Matisyn has written video treatments for each of the songs, with plans to display the entire concept on the band’s website. “It will give the fans the ability to enjoy the album in a whole new dimension; a more cerebral one,” says Matisyn. “They'll see that Evans Blue is not just a band you listen to... it's a band that you experience.”

The energized batch of new tunes captures the dynamic balance between nuance and intensity. Album cuts such as the haunting “Kiss the Flag” wind through new twists and turns, as Matisyn details the struggle for personal freedom with a politically-charged edge: “all I wanted was to find/something here inside of me they couldn’t keep… When this ends will freedom be the casualty or will it be only me?”

“Q” is defined by Matisyn as “one of the most ambitious songs we’ve written as a whole…one of those songs that pretty much writes itself, and that’s always a good sign.” The tale of damaged lovers encapsulates the album’s ongoing idea that sometimes you have to sink to the lowest depths before you can find redemption.

Meanwhile, “Painted” picks up where the heartbreak leads to self-discovery and defiance: “Look before you end it all/look before you shut your eyes/For the last time/there’s no more room to go back down.” In a line that embodies Matisyn’s signature style and defines all the elements that make Evans Blue an original voice in rock n’ roll, the singer shows a way to bring light out of the darkness: “So dance until you're brand new/Ignore the fight inside that scares you.”

Evans Blue will guide fans through their epic journey when they hit the road in support of this compelling 11-song album, THE PURSUIT BEGINS WHEN THIS portrayal OF LIFE ENDS. The tour kicks off in Knoxville, TN on June 23rd.

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